Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"I Dropped Dead..." A Surprising Book Review of Heart Healthy Pizza

I just read this review of my book while getting info from Amazon for a website wanting to sell it.  The first few words stunned me and I thought it was a gag or slam review.  It's legit, and I'm very gratified.  One of my key goals in writing "Heart Healthy Pizza" was to help people be/eat healthier.  How cool that it's been so useful to him!
"I dropped dead on a tennis court (and was lucky enough to be playing against a team with a cardiologist who did world class cpr for 12 minutes until a rescue squad arrived to shock me back to life). It took me about 30 seconds post-op from my bypass to adopt Caldwell Esselstyn's vegan cardiac disease reversal program. Though I ate a "good" diet most of the time, I was addicted to cheese pizzas for my whole (almost foreshortened) life. This book is a treasure. The visuals of the pizza are appetizing and valid relative to the finished product. The taste of the recipes I have undertaken is great. The nutrition is miraculous for a so-called comfort food. Thank you, Mark Sutton, for your tour de force collection of no oil vegan gourmet pizza. Incidentally, I run 10 k's, complete duathlons, and play USTA team tennis at the age of 64 on the Esselstyn diet." -- R.S.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Heart Healthy Pizza Impresses..." Book Review by Bryanna Clark Grogan

"Heart Healthy Pizza Impresses... an amazing 100+ plant-based AND fat-free pizzas to please vegans who don't use oils and fats, and their (probably skeptical) families... I ask you-- does that pizza look good or what? It WAS good, and that is high praise from me, because I am very picky about pizza..."
Wow!  I'm so excited!  Bryanna Clark Grogan published her review of my cookbook ("Heart Healthy Pizza").  Her cookbooks have had such impact on me for over 2 decades. So proud. Her opinion means so much to me.

The Review is posted at:http://veganfeastkitchen.blogspot.com/2012/07/heart-healthy-pizza-impresses.html 

Marks pizza 015
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