Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Heart Healthy Pizza: Review by Lani Muelrath ("Fit Quickies") & Sauces Versatility

FQangleEarly in February, Lani Muelrath posted a short review of my book on Amazon (here).  I was convalescing in a hospital at the time and didn't find out about this until a few days ago.  I'm honored!  Lani, aka, "The Plant-Based Fitness Expert," has been making quite a well-deserved name for herself recently, in no small part due to the success of her book, "Fit Quickies: 5 Minute Targeted Body-Shaping Workouts."  Here's what she had to say about "Heart Healthy Pizza:"

"Mark Sutton's Healthy Pizza is beyond innovative. When seeking to create a pizza that is outside the usual pizza box of high fat, full of dairy or meat, one is usually left to their own devices.

No more. Mark has created a book with guaranteed healthful sauces and toppings that can stake their claim in the 'whole foods, plant based healthy' world. And with endorsements by Caldwell Esselstyn, you know you can trust the contents to be heart healthy.

His sauce recipes also inspire versatile application. I made one of the sauces last night to put over a salad and it was perfect! Rice, nutritional yeast, and a few other elements made a robust and tasty sauce. Next is to tackle the crust recipes, which are not wanting. Nice work Mark!"

Clever cook!  Only in recent months, when I've had chance to test the idea of using some of the 60 "cheese-like" topping sauces on pasta, in casseroles, on veggies, on potatoes, in quesadillas, etc., did I affirm that, generically, pretty much all of them can be used this way and NOT just on top of pizza (or underneath the vegetable fillings, depending upon whether you are a "top" or "bottom" person).

I mention the possibility briefly in my book, but the process is simply to use leftover sauce (maybe thinned a bit) to, say, integrate with stir-fried vegetables until it gets creamy.  Or, pre-heat the sauce in a sauce pan until it thickens, and then use in any number of ways.

However, Lani figured it out and I appreciate not only her succinct and great review, but noting how "versatile" the recipes are.  Thanks Lani!

You can learn more about Lani and her work at:

...and, you can order an autographed copy of "Heart Health Pizza" here!

Friday, February 15, 2013

"Thai Issue" of Vegan Culinary Experience Now Available!

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I'm proud to have an article in the latest issue of the Vegan Culinary Experience.  The theme of this issue is "Thai Cuisine" and it was a challenge for me, taking several attempts to get the crusts right, as Thai food is not one of my strongest suits.  I wrote an article detailing how to make a "Pad Thai Pizza Pie" and a "Heavenly Pineapple Pie." Here's the structural overview of each pizza:

• Brown Rice, Chickpea, and Cilantro Crust
• Sweet 'n' Spicy Chili Corn Sauce
• Filling Ingredients:
- sliced cucumbers
- shredded carrots
- sweet red pepper strips or slices
- bean sprouts (rinsed and drained)
- sliced scallions
- raisins (optional)
• MIllet, Ginger, Peanut, and Lime Sauce

• Whole Wheat, Millet, and Banana Crust
• Tofu, Coconut, Mint, and Lime Sauce
• Rum‐soaked Pineapple 
• Unsweetened, Shredded Coconut
• Red Chili Pepper Flakes (optional)

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Chef Jason Wyrick does a marvelous job doing the layouts for each issue, let alone adding additional content beyond that of invited Chefs:

At over 200 pages, this magazine will give you a greater understanding of Thai Cuisine as well as a ton of recipes to try and enjoy!  Contributers for this edition are:
Jason Wyrick, and
Madelyn Pryor,
Bryanna Clark Grogan,
Robin Robertson,
Mindy Kursban,
Jill Nussinow,
Liz Lonetti,
Sharon Valencik,
Andrew Breslin,
Milan Valencik,
Mark Sutton,
Eleanor Sampson,

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Vegetarian Resource Group Reviews "Heart Healthy Pizza"

VRG Cover (click for full version)
VRG Review of HHPizza (click for full version) 

One of the 1st vegan cookbooks I ever purchased was "Simply Vegan," by Debra Wasserman. Debra's co-director of one of the oldest vegetarian/vegan informational organizations in the country (The Vegetarian Resource Group), as well as co-founder of the long-running, "Vegetarian Resource Journal."

She's a prolific cookbook author, and it's hard to underestimate my delight that she's published a review of my book in the latest issue of the VRG Journal.  Some excerpts:

“If you’re looking for a book devoted to creative vegan pizza recipes including crusts, sauces, and toppings, look no further.  Heart Healthy Pizza offers a variety of crust recipes... Mark also shows you how to prepare delicious vegan non-cheeses... The ingredients are all blended to make creamy cheese alternatives... The next time you plan on throwing a party, be sure to use this book and wow your family and friends!”

This issue of the VRG isn't available currently online, so above is an image link to the full review (next to one of Nava's great "Wild About Greens!" cookbook).  Remember, you can order an autographed copy of "Heart Healthy PIzza" here.

Both images from the VRG Journal in this post are @2013 by VRG.