Monday, January 28, 2013

Photos: 1st Ever Heart Healthy Pizza Demonstration/Sampling!!

Well did it!!! 9 16" no-oil heart healthy plant-based pizzas served to 30 hungry guests in 3 hours (I had decided to serve one to volunteeers before we got started; they often don't get to eat, and can see how I approached making a pizza).  The day was incredible, and we learned a helluva lot pulling this "first time ever" demonstration.  The Vegetarian Society of DC (Saurabh (the Pres., managing, food prepping, serving, speaking), Paige (food prepper extraordinaire, serving, speaking). Diane (food prepping, serving, managing, photography), Colette (photography), and Rodney (all-around problem solver, member of the Eastern Village Co-Housing Community where this presentation was accomplished) were absolutely amazing.

Fortunately, all I had to do was bring 8 16" pizza crusts premade, topping ingredients pre-measured segregated, and sit and watch the fun... yeah, right...  It was exhausting.  Aggravated my leg injury, hadda use a cane for the first time in five weeks.  Oh well, adversity makes it all the sweeter when the team is victorious.
There's going to be more of these events, not just in the DC area (I hope). Here's a link to where the menu is posted.  I loved speaking to the group and used, in public for the first time, my goal phrase of "helping people think outside the pizza box."  More on this some other day...

In any case, my deepest appreciation to the VSDC and volunteers for all their hard work.  It was truly an exciting and thrilling time. Clearly, though, the most popular pizza was the "Really Reubenesque" (you can see it in the photos before being smothered in oat/cannelinni beans/horseradish 'cheese-like sauce"), which is straight from my book.

Here's a link to some 170 photos of the party, with copyrights going to Diane Payne, Colette Price, and Mark Sutton.  I've also added two of my favorite photos below.  Enjoy!  The event was on January 13th, 2013.

Mark Slinging Pizza!
Diane, Mark, Rodney, Paige, and Saurabh: We Make Heart Healthy Pizza!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Video Clip: Humongous Pizza Test

I haven't had much time the past several months, due to recovering from an injury and self-marketing my book.  Great fun to get to spent a little discretionary time doing one of the things that made my career (particularly at NASA):  video animation.  Although I'm very new to the software I used, and it's got me puzzled, can't do all I want to (yet), here's my first test showing the results of another test, a humongous vegan pizza in prep for my presentation/demonstration later this month in the DC area.  Enjoy! (there's also a "mobile" version at my YouTube Channel as well).