Thursday, June 27, 2013

DC Area AR2013 Conference & "Making a Pizza in 30 Minutes" Clip

Preparing to table at a Conference (in this case, the esteemed Animal Rights 2013 Conference in DC) is a daunting task.  Sure, I've helped others at Conferences, and did several "head photographer" gigs for the the yearly FARM sponsored Conferences (including the 1st ever, "this is what happened the past few days photo slideshows" presentation at the Banquet (back when it was difficult, before Instagram and WannaPeek? or WatchMoreOfMyStuff!, the past two being non-existent, of course).

This time,though, I don't have a team and I've had to invest in books, various resources, exhibiter fee(s), handouts, the early setup, managing my event, talking all day each day for 3 to 4 days, then breaking it all down. Logistically, it's amazing what some of these Activist Groups do so frequently, and they deserve credit from the physically, emotionally, and spiritually hungry people who attend these events, often oblivous to all that these people went through on their behalf, and for the animals.  Then there's the incredible program of speakers, panels, and learning.  And there's the food... gawd, the food...

To support my effort, I've clipped out a 3 minute or so video clip from my recent 1st Cable TV Broadcast, the "up close and personal" stuff on how to make a plant-based pizza in 30 minutes and surrounded it with some text.  I'll be adding this to 2 more minutes of text, quotes, marketing stuff, for an estimate 5 or 6 minute "loop" I can show on a large monitor at my table.

Hopefully seeing how I make pizza will answer a lot of questions early, demonstrate how simple it is, and be encouraged to do the same (maybe even buy a autographed copy of the 1st Vegan Cookbook with a Conference Discount. Stop by and visit! I'll be bored beyond belief unless I get to interact with other quasi-humans.

Here's an imbedded version of the 1st part of my "soon to be created" video piece.  Thanks again to Jorge Meras, at Healthy Food Happy You for his directorial and producing efforts:

Of course, I'm not anxious to "hear my voice" looping over again and again (think Prometheus and the vulture), but I want to help people realize that they can truly make and enjoy "heart healthy pizza."
So, if you're in the DC area the next four days, stop by the Mark Hilton Hotel and visit AR2013.  The entire exhibit area is FREE, there's FREE transport from the Metro to the hotel available, and a LOT of FREE vegan snacks, goodies, and information.  Visit to support the exhibiters, to support the animals, and meet a lot of great like-minded people.  You could spend your time much less wisely in this beastly DC heat.... oh, did I mention the food (FREE samples and hotel-provided?).

"Making Pizza:" Mark's Cable TV Debut Now Available Online

It was my 1st time in a TV studio, let alone being filmed in front of 3 cameras, team of people in a hidden booth barking orders through headsets to those around myself and the hostess.  All volunteers, we were there to film my making a pizza, start to finish, and a short interview.  Although this was to be a half hour episode, we were in the studio for several hours.  It's amazing how much time was spent standing, re-doing things, waiting... the hostess was shivering from the cold, I was in pain from a leg injury (couldn't use my cane on set), and I had no makeup! (looking like a gaunt vegan zombie from no sleep the night before).

The Director/Producer, Jorge Mera, did a marvelous job of editing, though, and Gina Lewis (the hostess) was a real pro.  I think the primary missions were accomplished: demonstrated making a truly heart healthy plant-based pizza in 30 minutes or less ("for the busy professional"), gain experience in these kinds of presentations, and learn (which camera to look at? you wore black???).  Still, all things considered, I'm content that it was worth the effort.  The second half, where I make the same pizza again with the camera in close all the time, imho, is particularly effective.  Wish we had more time at the end to talk about my cookbook.  The final broadcasts were on Fairfax Public Access TV, Channel 10.

Anyway, here it is! I be a "video virgin" no longer... Enjoy!