Monday, August 12, 2013

Digital Radio Interview with Me: "I Like Thinking."

About a year ago, I did my first interview in promoting my self-published book.  It was in Fairfax, VA, and I spent days preparing.  I showed up with a pizza ('natch), hobbling with a cane (from a leg injury) and in quite the physical pain.  It was a struggle, and the start of a new and longer experience.  The interviewer, Daniel Michael, had started an online radio station (Mainstreet Universe) and I was one of his first interviews, ever.

Last night, it was an extraordinary experience to interview with Dan after all this time.  We've both grown, gained knowledge, and I felt so relaxed and comfortable to be with the guy who helped initiate my marketing efforts a year ago.  It was so strange, but fitting, to have spent an hour interviewing Dr. Neal Barnard, in person, a few days earlier (for the Mad Cowboy Newsletter, out next month), then spend time with Dan and his team.

I've done a lot of interviews in the past year, but this one was special, and I think the results show a maturation process effected that almost scares me.  I appeared to be lucid, engaging, and polite.  Go figure.  Why I don't do dairy or oil, global water issues, growing food... it covers an interesting range of topics.  Probably the most "wide-range" interview I've done so far.

My final statements in this session struck me today as I reviewed the broadcast:  "I like being asked questions.  Questions make me think.  I like thinking."

That about sums it... I need a lot of rest, though.  Dr. Barnard was incredible and last night was a catharsis of sorts.  Lots to, well, "think" about.

Here's a link to the audio of the interview with Dan and his team.  I'm honored and delighted to have been there and recognize that growth is sometimes tasking, but it does occur, and not often in ways you can possibly anticipate.  As I noted in the interview, plants, when under stress, produce additional and extra nourishment that that aids tremendously in our own health when consumed.

Not unlike our own lives in a similar ongoing process.  Here's a link to the audio of our chat: