Sunday, July 6, 2014

Victoria Moran Interviews Happy Cow, Jill Nussinow, & Yours Truly

Victoria Moran ("Main Street Vegan") interviewed Eric Brent (Happy Cow), myself (Heart Healthy Pizza), and Jill Nussinow (aka, "The Veggie Queen" and author of the cookbooks "CHAMPs" & "The New Fast Food") just over a week ago.  I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Eric and Jill, and my session with Victoria covered much more than my book (my relationship with Howard Lyman, aka, "The Mad Cowboy," diet, nutrition, yadda).  The audio of the interview is now available at the link below as a streaming file or a downloadable mp3.  Enjoy!  I hope to do it again with Ms. Moran... she's quite articulate, interesting, and knowledgable.  There are many excellent interviews in her archive, which I highly recommend.

The Interview entitled "Food, Glorious Food" here!