Thursday, June 27, 2013

"Making Pizza:" Mark's Cable TV Debut Now Available Online

It was my 1st time in a TV studio, let alone being filmed in front of 3 cameras, team of people in a hidden booth barking orders through headsets to those around myself and the hostess.  All volunteers, we were there to film my making a pizza, start to finish, and a short interview.  Although this was to be a half hour episode, we were in the studio for several hours.  It's amazing how much time was spent standing, re-doing things, waiting... the hostess was shivering from the cold, I was in pain from a leg injury (couldn't use my cane on set), and I had no makeup! (looking like a gaunt vegan zombie from no sleep the night before).

The Director/Producer, Jorge Mera, did a marvelous job of editing, though, and Gina Lewis (the hostess) was a real pro.  I think the primary missions were accomplished: demonstrated making a truly heart healthy plant-based pizza in 30 minutes or less ("for the busy professional"), gain experience in these kinds of presentations, and learn (which camera to look at? you wore black???).  Still, all things considered, I'm content that it was worth the effort.  The second half, where I make the same pizza again with the camera in close all the time, imho, is particularly effective.  Wish we had more time at the end to talk about my cookbook.  The final broadcasts were on Fairfax Public Access TV, Channel 10.

Anyway, here it is! I be a "video virgin" no longer... Enjoy!

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