Friday, February 15, 2013

"Thai Issue" of Vegan Culinary Experience Now Available!

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I'm proud to have an article in the latest issue of the Vegan Culinary Experience.  The theme of this issue is "Thai Cuisine" and it was a challenge for me, taking several attempts to get the crusts right, as Thai food is not one of my strongest suits.  I wrote an article detailing how to make a "Pad Thai Pizza Pie" and a "Heavenly Pineapple Pie." Here's the structural overview of each pizza:

• Brown Rice, Chickpea, and Cilantro Crust
• Sweet 'n' Spicy Chili Corn Sauce
• Filling Ingredients:
- sliced cucumbers
- shredded carrots
- sweet red pepper strips or slices
- bean sprouts (rinsed and drained)
- sliced scallions
- raisins (optional)
• MIllet, Ginger, Peanut, and Lime Sauce

• Whole Wheat, Millet, and Banana Crust
• Tofu, Coconut, Mint, and Lime Sauce
• Rum‐soaked Pineapple 
• Unsweetened, Shredded Coconut
• Red Chili Pepper Flakes (optional)

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Chef Jason Wyrick does a marvelous job doing the layouts for each issue, let alone adding additional content beyond that of invited Chefs:

At over 200 pages, this magazine will give you a greater understanding of Thai Cuisine as well as a ton of recipes to try and enjoy!  Contributers for this edition are:
Jason Wyrick, and
Madelyn Pryor,
Bryanna Clark Grogan,
Robin Robertson,
Mindy Kursban,
Jill Nussinow,
Liz Lonetti,
Sharon Valencik,
Andrew Breslin,
Milan Valencik,
Mark Sutton,
Eleanor Sampson,

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