Sunday, April 22, 2012

Photos of Last Night's "Heart Healthy Pizza!

The following photographs are from last night's pizza!  The crust (from "Heart Healthy Pizza") was made with unbleached all-purpose wheat flour and semolina flour (with Italian seasonings).  The filling ingredients (in order) were: chopped baby spinach, sliced tomatoes, chopped fresh basil, garlic powder, cauliflowers, slices of vidalia onion, and a spattering of tabasco sauce.

The thick topping sauce (also from "Heart Healthy Pizza") was made with, among other things:  potatoes, carrots, and ground ginger.  It was poured on the pie and sprinkled with ground black pepper and paprika.

All photos ©2012 by Mark Sutton.  If linked to, please include the copyright and the address of this blog.  Thanks!

Pizza with fillings awaiting topping sauce. 
Topping sauce added and sprinkled with spices.

Hot Pizza fresh from the oven! 
Cross-section of leftover Pizza before breakfast consumption the next day...

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