Friday, June 15, 2012

Quinoa, Artichoke, & Dijon Mustard Topping Sauced Pizza

One of my all-time favorite grains is "quinoa," due to it's fantastic nutritional profile (even though it is expensive).  One of my greatest joys in writing "Heart Healthy Pizza" was when I figured out how to use quinoa in some cheese-like topping sauces (there are several in the book).  Two are favs: the 1st (below) using Artichokes was so outlandish a concept that I laughed out loud when making it the first time ("this'll never work, Sutton").  Imagine my surprise when it came out so well (the quinoa-based sauces tend to be delicate and fluffy).

The 2nd is one using quinoa, sweet potatoes (could've used winter squash), and corn: a not-so-subtle homage to South America in general.

This week quinoa was a big topic in veg'n social circles, due in part, to the UN FAO declaring 2013, "International Year of Quinoa."  I decided to make the following pizza from my book to show off the recipe.  Enjoy!

"Quinoa, Artichoke, Dijon Mustard" Topping Sauced Pizza from "Heart Healthy Pizza" (©2012 by Mark Sutton)

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