Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Hooked on It:" The Healthy Librarian Makes More Pizza

It's alway gratifying to get positive feedback from people trying my recipes. Many have been skeptical that you can actually create "Heart Healthy" cheese-like sauces without expensive, nutritionally vapid, and fatty faux dairy cheeses.  Imagine my delight when the Healthy Librarian posted this on Facebook today:

@2012 by the Healthy Librarian (click for larger image)
"Friday night "Dinner & a Movie" & a home-brewed beer. Last night we streamed, "Bernie" Jack Black & Shirley MacLaine in a hilarious black comedy based on a true small Texan town's murder. Thoroughly enjoyed it, along with homemade pizza schmeared with "Heart Healthy Pizza's" millet, cashew, mustard sauce, & our fave toppings. I'm hooked on it. Great cheese substitute."

So so cool... she interviewed me last month, and it'll be neat to see it published soon.  A long time champion of a no-added oil plant-based diet, she's one of the most knowledgeable people regarding diet and nutrition I've ever interacted with. A real blessing. You can learn more about the 1st Vegan Pizza Cookbook, "Heart Healthy Pizza," here. Around 60 different "cheese-like" sauces amongst the 112 recipes. Namaste!

ADDENDUM:  1500 est:  Ms. Librarian added another comment of note:

"We were 100% happy & used to cheese-free pizza. But, after Mark Sutton asked me to try one of the toppings in his "Heart Healthy Pizza", I decided to give it a try. Oh baby, it really added a delicious creamy dimension to the pizza. No cheese WAS fine--but, this is BETTER! Worth a try & very cheap & easy to make. I'm going to try it on tacos or a taco salad."

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