Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Oh, Baby, What a Delicious Surprise" Healthy Librarian Makes Heart Healthy Pizza

So so stoked.  The Healthy Librarian took her first try at one of my recipes from cookbook "Heart Healthy Pizza" and posted about it on Facebook. Here are her two photos with associated text, main post text & link. Her full review (and interview with me!) will be out soon (probably after the Holidaze).  It's wonderful to see what she and her hubby (aka "The Lab Rat") thought!  Her opinion, as a long time supporter of Esselstyn's no-added fat, plant-based approach means so much to me.

Here's the first photo:
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"Our pizza topped with swirls of cheesy creamy millet, cashew, mustard sauce. The Lab Rat said, "It's the best plant-based pizza I've tasted."" [Facebook Link]

Here's the second photo:
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"Our delicious homemade pizza with a creamy millet, cashew mustard topping. Indescribably delicious. Daiya doesn't come close. Trust me, the topping kicked our pizzas up to a new level." [Facebook Link]

Here's the full post with more text:

"I thought my "no-cheese" pizza was fine--that is until Mark Sutton convinced me to try the "Cheeze-Toppings" in his cookbook. Oh baby, what a delicious surprise! The Lab Rat made Mark's Millet, Cashew, & Mustard "Cheeze-Like" topping & it "knocked our socks off". What a fantastic addition to our pizza. We're hooked & plan to try Mark's other crazy-good recipes. Recipes for crusts, including gluten-free, all kinds of sauces & toppings."  [Full Facebook Post Link

SPECIAL NOTE:  I'm making autographed copies of the 1st Vegan Cookbook, "Heart Healthy Pizza," available with a Special Holidaze Discount until midnight (pst) Thursday, 12/20/12 (HERE).  Enjoy!

...and my special thanks to The Healthy Librarian for taking a break from her busy schedule to make these posts!

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