Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cookbook Giveaway, Review, and Recipes

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A wonderful post of recipes for my "Spanakopizza" creation, a giveaway of my cookbook, and Part 1 of her review of said book.  Somer has posted some fine photos, too, showing her pizza in different stages. Here's a favorite part of her review:

"I have to admit, when I first dug into Mark’s Book, I was a little overwhelmed. There are nearly a dozen crust recipes (including some for my GF peeps!) Close to 20 sauce recipes (for the pizza base), then more than 50 No-Nonsense  Non-Cheese Sauces. I mean, the combinations are nearly endless. It all felt a bit daunting! Thankfully, Mark knows how to help a home cook out, he devotes a whole chapter to some amazing pizza combinations (nearly 40 combos) to help you get started. All of the recipes in his book are vegan, heart healthy and very low in fat. Several of the combinations immediately caught my eye. However, this Spanakopizza recipe that Mark is sharing with you today is going to be hard to beat."
©2013 by Vegedout


Recipes for the Official Mad Cowboy Pizza (that Howard Lyman designed with me) and an interview with yours truly coming on this Friday!  Stay tuned...

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