Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Mad Cowboy Pizza" Recipe, Giveaway, & Short Interview

(re-posted from April 5th):

Somer has outdone herself w/ photos illustrating the Official Mad Cowboy Pizza from my cookbook, "Heart Healthy Pizza."  Back in 2008, Howard actually worked with me in the kitchen, instructing me as to what (and in what order) he wanted on his vegan pizza.  It was great sport!  BTW: by going "no oil" in addition to his already vegan, he's lost considerable weight since then.

©2013 by Vedgedout (note the cheese-like dollops!)

Anyway, at Somer's Vedgedout Blog you'll find several photos of the creation process, all associated recipes, a short interview with yours truly, and a free giveaway of an autographed copy of Heart Healthy Pizza!

" A slice of Mad Cowboy Pizza coming atcha!" - ©2013 by Vedgedout

Well worth your time... have fun! And my thanks to Somer for her excellent (and hard) work.

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