Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Doing TeeVee

(Re-posted from April 15th):

Whew.... just finished several hours at a video studio staffed with several pros who knew their way around the three HUGE cameras facing the set, and amongst them, the GENERAL, issuing orders from a remote control both through the camera operator's headsets on how/when to move his chess pieces (the host of the show, Gina Lewis, and me).

Incredible experience, and if it were not for her hubbie, mother, and kids in the studio, they might have had to cut more of my "off comment" comments... much not said, but thought in earnest.
Still, a thrilling situation.  The director/producer and host are vegan, and I got to make two pizzas "for the busy professional," the second being for closeups and staff internal enjoyment.  Yes, that's TEN veggies on that puppy.

But, I be a "video virgin" no longer, and hope to do more these kinds of events in the future, not just for my book, but to advance concepts of a heart healthy plant-based diet,

I'll post the broadcast times later.... Here's a collage of the more tolerable photos... gawd, I was SO tired (yes, that is my "happy face")  from packing/unpacking/shopping/travel.  Oh well, still cool event!

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