Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Preparing & Cooking Kale" - 4 Short Video Clips

(Re-posted from April 9):

Thought it might be useful to post the clips, essentially unedited as rough cuts, as they still might be useful for people and I don't know when I'll have the discretionary time again to not only video me in the kitchen, but properly post-process the results. I first did some video clips back in Sept. 2012 on kale, but wasn't happy with the bits.  These are more focussed, and, imho, better.  Been practicing for an upsoming Cable taping.

PreppingKaleCooking kale takes around 15 to 20 minutes, since these clips represent a "real-time" process, there are a couple of periods where there's not much going on.

Minimally, Part 1 (prepping the kale) and Part 2 (cooking setup, initiating the process) are the most useful of the four clips.

Here's a link to my video channel and, to make it easier to get to, the individual clips.  The kale was being made for the previously posted "plant-based pizza" how-to's.




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