Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Heart Healthy Pizza: "I Has A Video Channel" - plus 4 "How-to" Video Clips

(re-posted from April 8th):

Practicing for a video taping for Cable Public Access. Have posted clips of my "practice" sessions (verbal errors, corrections, whatever) without any serious editing as they might be useful for people in:

These are raw experiments (no serious post-editing), but great sport nonetheless.  Don't know when I'll time to do them again, so I wanted these available now.  I will be doing several more in the near future (and not all will be pizza! many cooking techniques, making pizza components, etc.).


Oh, and I has a Video Channel Here's the link which will give you access to all of the above and more. And, obligatory note from a self-published author, you can order an autographed copy of the 1st Vegan Pizza Cook, "Heart Healthy Pizza," here.

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